Self harm doesn’t need a blade, or blood, or a wrist.

Some people just have a really hard time explaining how they feel.

Overthinking will literally kill you.

Even if you have self harm scars, I will still love you.

Letting go isn’t about giving up, it’s about accepting that there are things that cannot be.

Just because you’re unhappy, doesn’t mean you can’t laugh at funny things & smile at beautiful things & enjoy happy moments. You can still do happy things even if you are unhappy.

I hope you fall in lovewith someone who makes you question why you ever thought you would be better off alone.

I don’t think you can really save people, you can only love them & help them save themselves.


The most normal people are also the people that are fighting to keep themselves living everyday. It could be anyone.

You won’t understand until it happens to you.




Kiss it all better, I’m not ready to go

Suicide hotline :  1-800-273-8255
It only takes a second to give it to someone.. You never know who might need it.

0ne day, you’re going to meet someone who will know the darkest parts of your mind
& they’re still going to think you’re perfect.

There’s nothing worse than keeping everything bottled up inside
because it has to come out somehow & take it out on themselves.

You can fight a lot of people,
but the hardest battle is the one with yourself.
Even you don’t know how strong you really are.

It hurts untill it doesn’t anymore.
You think it’s going to break you, but it won’t.
You may not sleep as well at night, but you will be fine.

A person can only hear “it gets better” so many times before they want it to be better.

Even the strongest people have breaking points.
Don’t push them just because you think they can take it.

They are in so much pain in their heads that they think hurting themselves is worth it.
They need a shoulder to cry on, not judgement.

Honestly, I think everyone at some point just needs a really nice
long hug so they can just cry their tears out&feel that they’re loved.

Here’s to the people who aren’t really dead or alive. They just exist.

Trusting people can be really hard. You never know if they’re going to be understanding or if they’re going to judge you for what you say.

You are incredible

Don’t attach yourself to anyone who shows you the least bit of attention because you’re lonely.
Loneliness is the human condition.
No one is ever going to fill that space.
The best you can do is know yourself & know what you want.



I pity the man who truly believes I need him. I am a whole person,
a  complete individual on my own. I do not need a boy to “complete me”. 
This does not mean I would not appreciate a nice guy.
It just means I am a human,
capable of functioning with or without a man by my side.



I don’t think you understand that you don’t have me wrapped around your finger.
You think that you can do whatever you want to me & get your way in the end,
feelings satisfied. Well news flash, you don’t. I’m not yours anymore.

You don’t ever see someone.
You don’t see them as who they are & who they need to be recognized as.
You see them as who you need them to be.



& I’ll act like I don’t care because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s sympathy.
But I’m not good for you, & if you want my friends’ opinions,
you aren’t good for me either.
But disregarding all that, you still hold my heart, just like always.