life is beautiful & so are you

Don’t think too much, you’ll think your whole life away.
Just stop, close your eyes, & follow your heart.
I guarantee you, it knows the way.

It’s like I’m waiting for him to realize what he let go of.

Some people say they’d rather have something than nothing.
But the truth is,
it’s worse to have something halfway than to have nothing at all.

Don’t waste your time looking back on what you’ve lost.
Move on,
because life is not meant to be traveled backwards.

If he doesn’t chase you after you walk away; keep walking.

 She’s the girl that has a few best friends & doesn’t need anyone.
The girl that laughs the hardest at her own jokes.
She’s the girl that will hang up on you, but then call you right back & say sorry.
She’s the girl who will never leave your side when you need her.
The girl who will go out of her way to cheer you up.
She’s the girl who never sleeps without her teddy bear by her side.
She’s the girl who says she isn’t ticklish, but really is.
She’s the girl who will not give up on you if she really believes in you.
She’s the girl who believes in loving somebody forever.


9 thoughts on “life is beautiful & so are you

      • didn’t say everything was about me. i keep reading them because those exact words were once about me. And i still care about you as a friend. even when you dont feel it, i do care about you.

    • From one internet randomer to another, it seems like you’re the one who hasn’t given up if your immediate thought on this wonderful piece of writing was about your selfish self… just an observation….
      Keep writing and inspiring CarinaTK 🙂 xox

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