I hope you realize how much your words can hurt.





Here`s to the nights that turned into mornings
& the friends that turned into family :]




I don’t love him...
&& No, I will not swear to God on that.



i gotta keep believing
if i’m gonna get over you.
i gotta keep moving,
i’ve done all that i can do.
i gotta believe it,
& we both know the truth.
goodbye mr. beautiful,
you’re someone i never knew.




i guess sometimes you have to grow apart
to keep growing together.




i just want to make it
through one day where
i wasn’t wearing a fake smile &
pretending i am completely happy.





i wanna be the girl HES SCARED TO LOSE.
the one where he [cant] walk away
from knowing shes mad *at* him
the one who cant fall aslepp without
her voice being the last one he hears;



i sometimes wish i could go back to when no one knew i liked him.
when my best friend didn’t know, when he didn’t know..
& when i didn’t even know.



I’ll help you [ up ]
when life gets you (d.o.w.n)
remember to smile & never frown.
live life crazy with no regrets
never look back; but never forget.


~ Dedicated to Toon
       ik hou van je



I’ll lay in bed tonight
starring at the ceiling
thinking of you
a tear will slowly roll down my face
I will try to forget the memories,
the laughs, the good times,
but it won’t work this time
because I’m brokenbadly broken.




it crushes me so bad
to know that i tried
my hardest
to be
perfect for you, &
i still lost you



& that’s not changing for anyone.



&& sometimes you just have to let go and forget what is it you feel and just remember what you deserve.


look in the mirror. you’re beautiful.
he may not think so,
but that’s not what matters.
what matters is that you know you are.




maybe we were in love. but baby,
time is everything, & our hearts
were ticking to a different beat.




oh boo hoo. you have a sob story.
we all have a sob story. don’t think you are so special or
different just because you are hurting.
because you wanna know a secret?
some just hide it better than others.




Oh, you silly boy.
You let the one girl
who actually cared
slip away forever




There’s something about him…
something that makes me smile
it’s just like this feeling I get whenever I talk to him..
I just know that everything will be okay..
he’s someone special




maybe you just have to be greatful for the time
that you spent together and stop holding on to
w h a t c o u l d h a v e b e e n.



they’re playing love songs on the radio:;
i can’t relate to that now.
see, my life has its ups and downs,
it’s high points and its low points,
and right now i need some excitement.
i might even need you.




im just a crazy girl who
loves this boy way too much




no matter how pretty or ugly you are
that one person thinks you’re the most
beautiful person in the world and they
mean it from their heart




I get up every morning and go to bed every night with this feeling that something is missing, but I don’t know what and I don’t know why. This emptiness is just killing me.


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