Would it be okay if I took your breath away?





All those little things she absolutely hates about you..
that make her all mad at you..
those are the things that make loving you so amazing..
cause I love you through it all. I wouldn’t change you for the world




And everyday i’m losing hope.
And each minute that passes by
give me another reason to give up.




& he confessed:;
that when he grows up
he wanted to grow up with her.<3






& it sucks because i know he’s out
there falling in & out of love
with girls that aren’t me
= =Dawson’s Creek



& i’ve never met anyone
that can compare
to the way he makes me laugh.








& no matter how much you believe your best friend
will never turn her back on you, she will. no matter
how much you’ll believe that she’ll never lie to you,
she will
. no matter how much you believe that
she’ll never leave you, she will.
life is full of disappointments & fakes.
or later you’ll find out that the
only person
you could trust,
will turn out to be the person you could
never trust again.





They say

but obviously they’ve
never been in love






&& You’re my best kept secret...







another dead end street.
another love gone [ wrong ]
another shattered dream
always the same old song







Sorry honey, you’re not that powerful.
You just ripped out my heart; crushed it; & then tore it into a million pieces.







But things just get so crazy,
living life gets hard to do
& i would gladly hit the road, get up & go
if i know that someday it would lead me back to you.






Class is dead, darling;
it died with the dinosaurs.
it traded it’s pearls & white wine
for a myspace *& red bull.
Welcome to the 21st century;
Would you like fries with that?




Here’s to the nights we’d kill to get back,
the moments that haunt our dreams.
Here’s to the people forever loved,
who make our hearts want to scream





even in 10 years, 20 boys later
i’m still going to have something
for you. because some things,
never change.
– – – – – – – – – – – – –





everything was perfect.
we were happy as can be.
laughing, talking just like old times
then you remembered her
And forgot about me..





fuck the people who make
others feel like s h i t . . .
who hate them for no reason;
the ones that won’t q u i t .
the ones that lie to them
and // break their heart,
who sit there and laugh when
someone else’s world is falling apart.
they don’t deserve it
although too many
don’t [ give a damn ]
they’re trying their hardest,
they’re just being them.





Oh, sweetheart, put the bottle down
you’ve got too much talent
I see you through those bloodshot eyes
there’s a cure, you’ve found it
slow motion, sparks
you’ve caught that chill.






hate all you want…
but you can’t break a girl
who thinks nothing of you
                  – – – –




he would ask me why i was smiling,
& i would just laugh because i could
never admit that for one second while
i was smiling i did it so that he would too
                                                   – – –           




Her heart is breaking as she`s staring
at every single girl that walks by,
somehow thinking that they`re all better than her.
& tonight, she`ll lie awake & tear herself down,
cause that`s what she`s best at.
She`s just one of those girls that no matter
how many times
she`s told,

never believes that she`s beautiful.
                              – – – – – – – – – –




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