there’s no getting over you




I really miss him, I mean… It’s not like I’m not over him, but still..
I miss the way he made me feel so good, I miss the way he kissed me early in the morning
to wake me up, but I miss even more how he told me he loved me, just like he ment it.
There is no past tense in love. It’s either you love someone, or you never did;;
I guess he never loevd me, he just told me to make me feel good,
you know, the way teenagers do, they tell everyone they love them, like friends.
He made me happy, he made me believe that I could be happy, I could be loved, even if I’m me.
I guess he forgot about me, it’s over 2 years ago now,
but hey;; he made me happy and I wont forget about him – or the way he made me feel, nomatter what




Everything I think of you changes constantly. I love you, I hate you, I need you, I want you, I’m so much better off without you, you don’t deserve me, you’re everything to me. There are times I think I can get over you, & times wen I know I can’t. There are times I flirt with other guys, & think maybe something could blossom there because that guy could love me back. But all my fantasies involving that guy just entail you watching us together; you realizing that I am everything you ever dreamed of, & then my imagination breaks away from all my selfcontrol & I imagine you & I together, just like I always have..




the wierd thing is that usually when i think of you it doesnt hurt,
but if it does hurt, it absolutely kills.



I think that we got so close, there was no choice but to tear ourselves away from each other.
We’re too young and maybe one day, we’ll be perfect for each other again, and every mistake
we ever made will let us fall into place with one another. Maybe one day we can do this again.


Imagine the people you see everyday right now, the people you would least expect to not see tomorrow. In a couple of years, college will come & with it n



ew friends & new experiences. The people you see everyday in the halls.. your friends, & some of them, your best friends, will dissapear from your life, each going their own way. You’ll see them once every ten years at some random reunion if that. These are the people you have grown up with, & friends with them or even if you’re not, there will come a time when many of them wont even cross your mind .. the truth is ¯¯ you’ll see your best friends maby once in a year, because time goes by so fast & everyone is so busy. Enjoy today & enjoy tomorrow, because these days come but once in your lives. Be thankful for what you have & most of all, for who you have in your life, because lifes plans for you may bring you away from these people. But nomatter what anyone sais, & nomatter what time can do, your heart will always bring the best back, & your memories with them will forever hold a place in your sould.



yes, I knew he wasnt good. I knew he was bad. I just never knew really how bad. Never knew he was truly evil, that he was basically like a walking Satan on earth. None of his intentions are good, they never wil be either. He lies right through his teeth as much as he possibly can. But still, I wanted to save him, & I was basically the only one left who could but he wouldn’t give me that chance to save hum then, and I definatley can’t save him now. Truth is that I don’t think he ever did or ever will want to be saved. Though now he’s not even worth saving, because there’s nothing left in him to save.



I’m not going to be afraid of what might happen. Instead, I’m going to go for it, and find out what will happen rather then just letting the moment slip by so carelessly, so effortlessly. I’m tired of watching life being lived around me. Instead, I want it to be my turn to live. Live it fully and joyously. With or without somebody to share it with.. However, company is always nice to have once in a while. I want to smile like I used to and let everyone know that no, I’m not perfect, but I’m willing to see those imperfections and work with them, creating the ultimate me. I don’t want to be sad and dissapointed anymore, I want to live, I want to feel and I want to be free of all the people telling me I can’t do and be what I want and who I am. I’m done with passing moments by, from here on out, I will do whatever my heart desires.. I will live in the present. I will not let the past hold me down and I will not let the future worry me. What happens, happens.












   i want them to like the real me, not what they think i
   am. and i don’t want them to carry it around inside. i
   want them to
,  so i can  feel it too. I want them 
   to be able to do 
whatever they want around me.  ❤    




I never stopped loving you.

And I never stopped thinking about you.

Even if summers do come to an end.

– The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks



Dawson: Hey, once upon a time, you yourself told me that some love stories never end. What happened to that girl?
Joey: She offered herself to the boy she loved, the boy she thought loved her back, and he rejected her.


–>[ one ] x [ little ] x [ wish ]<–






#10   Don’t you realize what you are to me, and what you’re always going to be? Everyone else is going to be second best. There’ll never be another you. 





I bet if you didn’t fight your feelings
life would be a whole lot easier.





Everyone tries to impress that special
someone, but if you can’t get them by
being yourself, they can’t be all that special




Loneliness isn’t a matter of having someone beside you,
it’s a matter of having people who understand you.




You learn a lot about people when you listen
to the songs that mean something to them.






It’s not who you spend the most time with…
it’s not who you have the best memories with.
all the best love stories have one thing in common,
you have to go against all odds to get there.





It almost seems as though happiness is over on the other side of the glass;
you can see it, but you can’t reach it.











…they still want each other; they still need each other more than anything in the world. They’re just taking a long time to figure it all out.  


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