i hope you realize how much i need you


i’ve never been scared of someone before.
sometimes a little intimidated, but never scared.
but you, you scare me with your beautiful eyes & your amazing smile.
i’m so scared that i’ll want to love you forever
& you’ll want me for only a few moments in your life.

just once in my life, i want someone else to kiss first,
i want someone else to lie awake & wonder what the right words are,
if they’ll be rejected, if they’re ruining a great friendship.
i want him to want me so much that he can’t help himself,
that he’s willing to risk everything for a chance to be with me

I want somebody to sleep with the rest of my life,
& cuddle up during a movie, on a couch. Stay
up all night talking about nothing. Get
lost in
the woods
together. Challenge me, challenge him. Talk
about dreams, make dreams, make love in the candle light,
in the car, in the shower, in the woods while we’re lost.
Have fights, the kind that only really matter just as
long as you’re having them. Someone I can
, you know, play hard sometimes & not worry
about breaking a nail or an arm. A guy who will
bring me
, once in a while, maybe a rock too or a shell
of some sort. Something he saw that made him
think of me, made him think “
this might make
my girl smile
” as he smiles to himself. A guy who
wants me, maybe even needs me, just a little,
enough to hold onto me with everything he’s got..


Honestly, I wish you never let go
of me when you held me in your arms.
It gave me that feeling that maybe
you’d be one to stick around
just a little bit longer … </3

shove my body up against yours
&& kiss me like you mean it.
let’s blind ourselves by love &&
be deaf to all who says it’s fatal.


It’s scary thinking about
how much you mean to me,
how much I’d miss you if you
weren’t in my life, & how I get
this amazing feeling when I’m
with you. I’ve never loved someone
like I love you, baby, & I can’t help
but remind you
every single day.


You’re my first real love,
the kind that only happens once,
& the kind that lasts forever.
The couple that everyone
looks at & says, “They’re perfect.



We lay there for hours, arms & legs
intertwined so tight, my head resting
gently on your chest as your fingers
trace my back. We may have done
nothing today other than hang around,
but I know in this moment, it’s something
I will remember for the
rest of my life.


i’ll never forget the summer nights
we spent together when you held
me in your arms promising me a
forever telling me you’d never
let me go


fate determines who walks into your
life. but you decide who you let walk
out, who you let stay, and who you
refuse to let get away.


& he said;
so tell me all about it. tell me about
the plans you’re making. and tell me
one more thing before i go. tell me
how am i supposed to live without
you, now that i’ve been loving you
for so long. and how am i supposed
to carry on, when all that i`ve beeen
living for is gone



after we hung up the phone last night,
I just sat there in the dark & just felt so loved.
I realized how happy I am with you
& I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
I realized how lucky I am to have someone like you.
the more I thought about how great you are,
the easier I was able to fall asleep with a
big smile
acrosss my face



& even when the last thing
I want to do is smile,
you have a way of making me do just that.
just thinking about you makes me
a bit crazy and who knows what will happen
and honestly right now, I don’t care.



Now, I tell you openly,
You have my heart, so don’t hurt me.
You’re what I couldn’t find,
A totally amazing mind,
So understanding & so kind.


& you can tell
by the red in my eyes
And the bruises on my thighs
The knots in my hair
And the bathtub full of lies
That I’m not right at all
There I go again,
Pretending that I’ll fail
Don’t Call the doctors
because they’ve seen it all before
They’ll just say
Let her crash & burn, she’ll learn
The attention just encourages her.



There’s a piece of her heart
she can’t retract; he stole it from her
&& he won’t give it back.



before you judge me, take a good look at you,
don’t know have anything better to do?
seems to me you’re a little slow to understand,
ignorance and jealousy go hand in hand



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