thth10thingsIhateaboutyou2.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

Trust is a fragile thing. Once earned, it affords us tremendous freedom.
But once trust is lost, it can be impossible to recover.
Of course the truth is, we never know who we can trust.
Those we’re closest to can betray us, and total strangers can
come to our rescue. In the end, most people decide to trust only
themselves. It really is the simplest way to keep from getting burned.

andsheisbarelyhangingon.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

when you call us “bitches,” we look
at each other and laugh, because we
knew that WAY before you did

th49e47628.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

Don’t tell me you understand until
you cry yourself to sleep every night
Until you wish it would just end
Don’t tell me you understand until
you know how it feels to never
be good enough

th1149704056_1140905781_insanity.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

don’t come running back to me when you get
treated the exact same way you treated me

thachoochoo-4.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

and because of you
she’ll never think she’s
good enough.

thdanifilth2.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

its painfully clear that you need to go </3

thloveyouforever.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

I’m mad at myself, not you. I’m mad for always being nice. I’m mad for always apologizing for things I didn’t do. I’m mad for getting attached. I’m mad for depending on you and wasting my time on you. I’m mad for thinking about you, and most of all for not hating you when I should

ththsuckerforguitarplayers.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

Why does this come as a surprise? To think I was so naive. Maybe it didn’t mean anything to you, but it meant everything to me

z5099415.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

We’re not mean — We’re honest
If you think we don’t like you —
Chances are we don’t. When we
laugh — We’re probably laughing
at you. When you talk about us —
all we say is “
talk louder bitch

z86814811.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

I don`t want your boyfriend.
Nobody wants your boyfriend.
That’s why he`s with you =]


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