if you`re gonna spend the rest of your life with someone,
it might as well be your best friend.

One of the worst
feelings in the
world is saying
“I love you more” &
knowing your right

She blows big bubbles with her gum.
& laughs when they pop all over her pretty face.
She dances in her victoria secret’s underwear
She takes crazy pictures && posts them on her myspace
&& to her friends..she’s a star.
Because she realized that life is way too short
to be crying over the asshole that broke her heart.


how long is too long? how long should i keep holding on to something i know isn’t worth it? how long until i realize that things will never be the same? how long do i need to wait to be his friend again? how long until i can finally pick myself up & walk away from this mess?


I’m trying to get over you, and I really am trying. I don’t go looking for you, but lately you’ve been finding me, and it’s so hard to go on with my day when you keep showing up. So I’m asking you to please, leave me be. Stay away from me just like you used to when we were supposed to be together. You know how much you owe me, so do me this one favor and let me get over you.

He turned around, looked right at me, and said nothing.
Not even a small “Hi.” It was as if the times we had spent
the times I spent loving him just weren’t important;
it was as if they never happened

the hardest thing i learned so far is that people will never fully realize how much you love them, and never fully think about that before they hurt you.

I know for
a fact that on
my death bed
when I’m
and wrinkly;
your face will
be the
image to
through me

I’m the kind of girl that
laughs at her mistakes, so
pardon me if I laugh in your face

There’s a fine, fine line between
together and not and there’s a fine,
fine line between what you
and what you got.

Sometimes we just need to get out,
get away & momentarily forget everything
in order to realize that what we have
really isn’t all that bad.

people continue to do what they get away with. if you don’t tell then that something is unacceptable, your silence gives them permission to continue doing it

Isn’t it ironic?
We ignore the ones who adore us,
adore the ones who ignore us,
love the ones who hurt us,
& hurt the ones that love us.

somewhere between laughing for no reason,
making fun of each other, & calling each other
names ;; I sorta fell for you
. ❤

You aren’t
he’s just being

it’s funny how you can always tell when a boy likes someone else, but you can never tell if he likes you.

a promise is forever;
thats what they say.
welcome to reality
they’re broken everyday.

there will always be that one guy
that one kiss, that one moment, that
she’ll remember for the rest of her life
you’re the one guy, that one kiss, that one moment

i`m sorrys do not fix broken hearts.
oopsiesdo not dry tears.
i`ll be better next times are just a waste of time.
&i promises don`t mean anything anymore

but most of all, im scared of walking out of this room
and n e v e r feeling the rest of my whole life, the
way i feel when i’m with

i want you to put out your hand
and grab for mine, while all of
are watching and say
” come on baby, let’s make them jealous “

eventually, one of the two things will
happen. he’ll finally realize you’re
worth it, or you’ll realize that he wasn’t

my name is what hoes tend to mention,
keep talking bitches, i love the attention.

No matter what I do
Theres always someone around
the corner who wants to
Bring me Down </3

people ask me why it’s so hard to trust people,
& i ask them why is it so hard to keep a promise

& i’m the kinda girl who keeps making mistakes
& is constantly getting them shoved in my face <|3

Sometimes we fall for people,
& they just aren`t ready to catch us

I hate how you say “Let me call you back..”
& then I wait all damn night, & you don’t
even bother to call back. Probably cause
you’re talking to HER.

Don’t tell me you understand
until you cry your self to sleep every night ;
until you wish it all would just end.

Dont try to make me feel better

when you have exactly what you want

Thanks for your time, but
Don’t tell me you understand
until you know how it feels
to always be peoples second, third, and fourth choice.

You change for two reasons; either you
learn enough that you want to, or
you`ve been hurt enough that you have to.

Good-byes make you think,
they make you realize what you’ve had,
what you`ve lost, & what you`ve taken for granted

Admit it:

You only want me,

When you can’t have her

she won’t call you. you have to call her. she won’t come talk to you.

you should go talk to her.

How do you know if you’re what he really wants,
or if you’re just the replacement of something he can’t have?

i want to be there for you.
i do, but i can’t do this anymore.
i can’t keep being your second choice.
not when you’re my first.

i’ve heard sorry a million times.
but honey; it’s not a mistake
if you do it twice.

to be honest
you completely destroyed me
and i still have feelings for you.

second chances
they don’t ever matter
never change

It’s always the person you want the most,
that you’re better off without.

You were a risk. A giant risk. You reminded me why I don’t take risks.

It’s crazy when you think you actually mean something to someone,
and then they just turn around & prove you wrong

So, I`m happy. & my life`s as close as it`s ever gunna get to perfect. That doesn`t mean I`m not allowed to breakdown sometimes. Even the perfect, happy girls need to breakdown sometimes in order to grow

What made you happy once, might not make you happy now.

There are two ways to be happy:
improve your reality,
or lower your expectations

We get in the biggest fights
With the people we care about most
Because those are the relationships
We are willing to fight for.

you know what?
if someone wants to be apart of your life.. they’ll make an effort to be in it

Just live.
Do what makes you happy.
Be with people who make you laugh.
And find a boy who makes you smile.

Stop planning your life & let it plan itself. Quit trying to find the perfect boy & let him find you. If you don`t want drama, then don`t talk shit. Things are only as complicated as you make them.

Sometimes I wonder what I’d say to you if you suddenly walked back into my life again. I wonder what I’d say to you after all this time. After you broke my heart & left. But most of all, I wonder what you would say to me.

sometimes we wait too long for things that are never coming.


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