you didnt crush me – oh no darling
you just completely destroyed me

z22135547.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy z16928839.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy z10526029.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

The hardest part about breaking up is the next day.. opening your notebook only to see “I LOVE HIM!” scribbed all over.

z4834565.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thImScared.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz109478188.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

the worst feeling in the world
is wondering how it
could have been
would have been..should have been

thz108912914.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz108912843.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz108912795.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

Everything you told me was a lie,
So why should “I’m sorry” be the truth?

thz92266581.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz62966182.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz59570836.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

I did not do this. You did this.

thz20229493.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz8911425.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy ththvampire.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

I hate how you fill up my profiles and aways. I hate how every song I hear, I relate it to you. I hate how I care so much about something that isn’t worth caring for. I hate how people tell me you’re not worth it, yet I still want and will always want you. I hate how the slightest memory brings me to pure tears, but at the end I keep doing this to myself and I’m not willing to stop

ththfuckauthority.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy ththbadthing.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy ththb102894376.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

sometimes it’s easier to act like you don’t care
than to admit that it is killing you ❤

thth2ibi3wz.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thslipknot.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thloveyouforever.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

So tell me what you want,
because I would give you everything.

thfuicon.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thfubuddy.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thdc2c3745.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

Sometimes I wonder what I’d say to you if you suddenly walked back into my life again. I wonder what I’d say to you after all this time. After you broke my heart & left. But most of all, I wonder what you would say to me.

thbitch.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy th62r6l49_th.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy q102477214.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

after awhile the truth doesnt hurt anymore.
it kills.

q68217152.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy ftuj.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy ce900e58d5ae9da4aba37399d61ba192181.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy

& sometimes we wait too long for things that are never coming.


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