z56849733.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy z44247307.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy z42964014.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy
Just where in your heart is the breaking point? Just where in yourself do you see that you`ve had enough? My breaking point broke a while ago, & trust me I`ve had way more than enough. But I still feel for you & I`ve liked you all along & unfortunate for me I`ll probably love you forever. But do you love me? Do you love me everyday? Every night? I`ve been hurt by so many people but it never hurt as bad as it does with you. I`ve had people smack me in the face & walk away but the thought of you
leaving is the worst feeling possible. Have you ever thought what your life would be like without me for the better or the worse? I have. & I do all the time. I could think of a million reasons, but not one could convince me that you aren`t worth all the pain, lonliness, or hurt I go through on a daily basis just to love you. You could walk away from me right now & never speak to me again & I promise there isn`t a single part of me that wouldn`t still love you like I did from day one. There isn`t anyone that could amount up to you, or how you make me feel. Let me know if you feel the same or should I just say goodbye. This is killing me, & my heart is breaking. I never thought it would get to this & if I could change it, I would. I would say anything to be able to go back in time & change my mistakes. There isn`t a limit to what I`d do for you. Just remember, I`ll be there when no one else is, I`ll be the hand you can hold when everyone`s gone. I will be the only one who could possibly love you this much. If you love me you will do the right thing & if not hopefully you find the right one.
z32190730.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy z12177692.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy z9111321.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy
Like a fool,
I fell in love with you,
Turned my whole world upside down.
thz57465471.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thq27230917.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thICONATOR_fcc8d7be901aef874a79d0e0.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy
You have no idea
how hard it is to pretend i’m okay with it.
thanimalabuse.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy 9337f5e530438e3bf79624897028a6a2200.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy ththlikethat.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy
i used to be a strong girl. but a lot has changed,
a lot has happened, and i’ve had to deal with so
much more than any person should ever have to
go through, and you know something? i finally
broke. everything around me crashed, and i fell
right with it. i’m not that strong anymore
thz110770623.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz108912844.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz97529323.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy
i thought that if i pretended not
to remember – we could go back
to where we were before
q94751518.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy thz107363223.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy z3065762.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy
people ask me ((w h y)) it’s so hard to [[t r u s t]] people
&& I ask them…why is it so hard to ((k e e p)) a [[p r o m i s e]]?
z4352192.gif image by AshleaLuvsJoshy q101810172.png image by AshleaLuvsJoshy z100289302.jpg image by AshleaLuvsJoshy
she’s just scared to get close to anyone
because everyone that said i’ll be there .. left

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