i will never forget that the only reason i’m standing here today is because somebody, somewhere stood up for me when it was risky. stood up when it was hard. stood up when it wasn’t popular. and because that somebody stood up, a few more stood up. and then a few thousand stood up. and then a few million stood up. and standing up, with courage and clear purpose, they somehow managed to change the world. — Barack Obama



Dont worry, you may think you’ll “never” get over it but you also thought it would last “forever.”



so theres this boy – we argue alot. he makes fun of me because i cant stay on the same subject for more then 5 seconds before i’m on to the next one. he handles me when i’m sad & handles me when i’m mad. i tell him i hate him & he responds with no you dont. yeah — hes not prince charming but to me he couldnt be more perfect.



I guess what makes me different from most girls is that I’m not the type to squeal all over you and I don’t ask for your attention at all times. I know what I want and I know how to get it but I don’t hurt people along the way. I can be a bitch but I’m a also a weird obnoxious loser, but hey, that’s the truth in me. I guess you can say I’m complicated but I’d rather be difficult than easy any day. I can be hard to figure out at times but if you know me, I’m not that much of a confusing person. So why don’t you actually open up your heart instead of just your eyes and take a look at me, then tell me that you love me ..



imagine the people you see everyday right now, the people you would least expect to not see tomorrow. in a couple of years, college will come & with it new friends & new experiences. the people you see everyday in the halls .. your friends, & some of them, your best friends, will disappear from your life, each going their own way. youll see them once every ten years at some random reunion if that. these are the people you have grown up with, & friends with them or even if youre not, there will come a time when many of the them wont even cross your mind .. the truth is — youll see your best friends maybe once a year, because time goes by so fast & everyone is so busy. enjoy today & enjoy tomorrow because these days come but once in your lives. be thankful for what you have & most of all, for who you have in your life because lifes plans for you may bring you away from these people. but no matter what anyone says, & no matter what time can do, your heart will always bring the best back, & your memories with them will forever hold a place in your soul.


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