But here comes goodbye, here comes the last time. Here comes the start of every sleepless night, the first of every tear i’m gunna cry. Here comes the pain, here comes be wishin things had never changed, and she was right here in my arms tongiht, but here comes goodbye.
– Rascal Flatts -Here Comes Goodbye



Don`t waste your time asking why such an amazing thing could happen to you, just let it happen. Don`t doubt that you could be loved, just let yourself be loved. If you don`t believe you`re worthy of anyone`s time, then you won`t be. Take yourself seriously & others will too. “Why” is such a wasteful question. Why? Because that`s the way it`s supposed to be. That`s the only answer you can have. Accept it.



“you are every reason, every hope & every dream that i’ve ever had & no matter what happens in the future, everyday spent with you was the best day of my life”
-The Notebook



i don’t ever want to take you for granted. i don’t ever want to forget what it was like before you or how it would be without you. i don’t ever want to forget our first kiss or our last touch, or let a day go by without telling you how much you mean to me, how deeply i love you, and how much i need you. i don’t ever want you to doubt the way i feel or how much happier i am because of you.



love is living your own life, but sharing it. it’s forgiveness. it’s making a billion mistakes and turning them into learning experiences. love is patience, optimism, and sometimes it’s a kiss when there’s nothing left to say.



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