i’d rather argue with you, than kiss anyone else.


& Everything you ever told me was a lie,
so why would “sorry” be any different?


if it’s worth doing, its worth doing-over.


Trying to forget someone you loved,
is like trying to remember someone you
n e v e r . m e t . </3


We’re gonna craze up the summer
at the beach, all day long tanning with the girls.
And meeting new guys
but you will always be on my mind.





Kissing; is like drinking salt water,

the more you drink it, the more thirsty you are.





Pshh. Ferget about the pizza,

its the Delivary Boy who should be;

h o t & r e a d y 😉





hes got my heart skippin` beats
and makin me act all [ crazy ]
it seems i’ll do  a n y t h i n g . . .
juss for him to say [[ i`m his baby ]]


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