All you have to do in life is go out with your friends, party hard and look twice as good as the bitch standing next to you.
-Paris Hilton



don’t worry, he’ll miss you. You’re the best he could get and he blew it.Don’t let him make you think for one second that it was your fault. It’snot. He screwed up, and you did absolutely nothing wrong. You gave himyour heart and you trusted him to keep it and protect it, but hecouldn’t. And honestly, he’s not mature enough. He’s not smartenough. If he was smart, he would have cared for you with every fiber ofhis being and been with you in every spare second he could. But he didn’t, and now he’s gone. But don’t you cry. Don’t call him telling him you miss him. Don’t IM him, don’t message him, don’t comment him, don’t talk to him in the hallways. Just pretend you don’t care. Anddon’t be surprised when he comes crawling back saying he made amistake. And if you want to go, go with him again. But make him workfor you. Don’t be his doormat. Don’t let him in the first time he rings thebell. Make him come back every day until you trust him enough. If hedoesn’t come back after a couple of tries, just let him go. But if he comes back every day, then he’s worth it. Trust me. He’s worth it



I remember all the late night talks and all the words I was so comfortable saying to him, but I never would have been able to say toanyone else. I remember all the songs that take me back and make mesmile. I remember all the promises , the ones we both knew would bebroken. I remember all the moments he took my breath away and how he knew more about me than I thought anyone could. I remember thegames we’d play ’cause we talked about so much I couldn’t think ofanything else to say. I thought about what kind of person could havethrown that all away and hurt someone that much. Going into it, I never thought that it would have ended like that. After wantingsomeone for so long , it’s supposed to be perfect , right? And everythingshould last forever . But I fell out of love, and when you loved someoneyou just wanted them to be happy . Even if their happiness doesn’tinvolve you .





shes got you on a fucking leash.
if she said drop… bitch youd drop to your knees



At some point you have to realize that he doesn’t care,
and maybe you’re missing out on someone who does

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Thursday, April 09, 2009
Top 10 Songs right now!! (:
[ my favorite update ]

1. Bad Girl – Rihanna ft. Chris Brown
2. Jai Ho – PussyCat Dolls
3. Blame It On (the Alcohol) – Jamie Fox
4. Sideways – Deirks Bentley
5. Halo – BeYonce
6. Hold My Heart – Tenth Avenue North
7. Not Meant To Be – Theory of a Deadman
8. My President is Black – Young Jeezy
9. Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae
10. Kiss a Girl – Keith Urban

check them out and tell me what you think! 🙂

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Music: What a Beautiful Day – Chris Cagel
Wearing: Michigan Sweatshirt and Jeans.
Mood: Content.


yeah, you sure left your mark.



’cause i’m not your princess, this ain’t a fairytale..
I’m gunna find someone someday, who might actually treat me well.



Nobody gets me like you do.



If i had one call to make, i would dial yesterday & warn myself.
Tell my lips the words to say, and not let you just walk away with someone else…



Any moment; everything can change.



This feelin’ s got me weak in the knees….

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okay, so i just heard this song called; Head of My Class — Scooter Smif ft. Chris Brown.. IT’S SWEEET !
check it out yall!


Monday, April 06, 2009
Music: Kiss Me Through The Phone – Soulja Boy
Wearing: Gray Cardigan & White shirt and skinny jeans.
Mood: Missing someone.

SO MICHIGAN STATE IS IN THE FINALS! 🙂 <– that is so coool! the underdogs 🙂 I’m a U of M fan, but today I’m a SPARTY! GO GREEN!



I found myself today; i found myself and ran away something pulled me back, a voice of reason i forgot i had.. all i know is your not here to say what you always used to say but its written in the sky tonight; so i wont give up no i wont break down, sooner than it seems life turns around and i will be strong, even if it all goes wrong.. when I’m standing in the dark…i’ll still believe; someone’s watching over me.
+ Hillary Duff; Someone’s watching over Me. (raise your voice)



You looked me in eyes and said that you loved me.



But people are people and sometimes we change our minds…


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