Love waits for one thing;

the right moment

August days are ending & when I look outside my window & play that song we always sung, I think of the summer memories. How much you made me laugh & how happy you made me. It was the first time I smiled, knowing someone cared about me in my whole life.

Catch me when I fall,
’cause I can hardly stand up once I’m down.

Love is a feeling of infinite happiness.

True love isn’t love at first sight;
it should be love at every sight.

Where do you go when you’re lonely?
I’ll follow you ❤

No matter what angle I look at you,
you’re always perfect.

She had nothing left to give
& when she felt like giving up
he came out of nowhere
& swept her off of her feet.

I want to be the one that helps you find your way.

Everyone has a different way of loving a person.

Too many of us are not living our dreams
because we are living our fears.

You’ve got to be with someone long enough to actually know who they are & how they act. It’s unreasonable to judge someone you don’t truly know because everyone has their own stories. Everyone lives their own lives; who are you to judge?

Love is something we depend on
when all else fails ❤

It’s hard to live, laugh, & love
when all I want to do is die, cry, & hate.

they fell in love didn’t they?

I can hardly breathe without you.

You must have had a map when everyone else didn’t,
because you found your way into my heart
when no one else could ❤

Knowing that you can make someone
tingle simply by saying their name
is knowing that you’re in love.

Stop taking my breath away;
it’s getting too hard to breathe.

Sometimes it’s just a smile or maybe
just a look, but it means a whole hell of
a lot more than anything you could ever say.

Me & my girls;
we laugh more than we breathe.

Just knowing that he’s there for me
makes me feel like I have everything
that I need in my life %u2665

You cannot put a price tag on love, no matter how hard you try. Though some have tried & many will, it’s impossible. By doing so it means one of two things; either you’ve underestimated the true value of love, or you’ve failed to fully define what love really is.

I was never the same again.
From that moment on, life began with you.

People who belong together, stay together
despite major setbacks & disagreements.
They may deal in fault & blame temporarily,
but ultimately they work things out.
Love conquers all; in sickness & in health.

The future depends on what we do
in the present. If you don’t know where
you’re going, how do you expect to get there?

I can’t promise to always be there,
& I can’t promise to be your happiness,
but I can promise to take care of you,
& I can promise to be all that I can be
& I can promise that I’ll try my best.

He moved his hands to place them on either side of my face, forcing me to meet his gaze. He looked into my eyes for a long time. I wondered what he was looking for, & what it was that he found.

Never in a million years did I think I’d find someone so utterly & completely perfect, someone who would make me happier than I ever dreamed I could be, someone that would touch my life so profoundly & just give me a whole new reason to breathe. But then I found you & realized that everything I anticipated you to be doesn’t even compare to who you are.

I’m sitting here wondering how could I write a quote about heart-pounding teenage-love when I’ve never experienced it. Well, being a teenager & watching my fair share of romance movies, I know one thing, & that’s that love is magical. Well, at least it is in the movies. It’s when two people come face to face by pure fate & look at each other with no intention of leaving, not for a minute. It usually ends all well & good; with a killer knock-your-socks-off kiss; with amazing passion. But in real life, love is messy, people fight & sometimes, despite the magic, they leave. So, love? Well love is being able to put up with someone for 5 minutes at a time & liking it enough to come back for more. And if you play your cards right & the chemistry flows, maybe you too will get your happy ending, knock-your-socks-off kiss too, with lots of passion, of course.

A box full of memories that make you cry;
Do you burn them to forget your pain?
Or keep them to remember how great it all was?

But to me, you’re all I need to chase the pain away. You’re like a gorgeous rainbow that follows the rainy days.

Sometimes it just takes patience for everything to happen. You won’t get respect in just one day, you can’t be in love with someone that you just met & you won’t be able to forgive yourself in a second. I’ve learned that helping people is good, but helping someone too much won’t let them grow. You grow by making mistakes, getting hurt, & learning from your regrets. Thoughts are there to help guide you to your decision. It’s you that have to take that first step into the pathway of happiness. It’s your doing that makes you who you are. Don’t assume; get your fact straight. That is what messes a lot of people up. There’s always the true story & reasoning behind everything. We are all different, but have one thing in common; we all want happiness. It is like we’re all trying to fight for it, trying to get what we want & it make us forget the whole reason why we wanted it in the first place. Nobody said life is going to be easy; life is what you make of it. Change for the better; don’t change for someone else. Change for yourself. Don’t be selfish. Don’t limit yourself from doing things just because you don’t think you can make it through. Remember — time isn’t going to wait for you, so make the best of it.

Some people are worth fighting for,
but you, you’re worth dying for.

I was just looking at him & something happened. It wasn’t an explosion of emotions, or the butterflies of love in my heart. It was a more of slow & subtle creeping of feelings, that finally, when there was enough of them, it leaked into my heart & I noticed him differently.

So will you take the risk & jump?
Dare to be different, dare to love
& if the world was to turn upside down
I would still be hanging onto your every last word.

As long as it’s you saying it, it doesn’t matter how slowly you say it; I’ll still listen. If you can’t talk over the phone, then I’ll come to see you, just like this. If you want to walk, no matter how slow or far it’ll be, I’ll walk with you.

I had been Daddy’s little girl. All my life I strove to be perfect for him, to live up to his expectations. I’d been a perfect little girl & he’d left me anyway.

Lust lays in your stomach,
love lays in your heart,
& hate lays in your head.

Sometimes we just need to get out,
get away & momentarily forget everything
in order to realize that what we have
really isn’t all that bad.

Time waits for no one, but love waits forever.

Kiss me in the dark,
tell me you love me in the moonlight,
& spend hours on end making memories
with me under the stars ❤

Holding on is the best way to
run away from the reality.

hes the kind of boy who
could turn any girls’ world upsidedown

You make me speechless
You make me stand in awe
You make me feel beautiful

The sooner you know who you are and what you want, the less things you%u2019ll let upset you.

They say, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Well I think the guns help. If you stood there and yelled BANG, I don’t think you’d kill too many people.

boy: you still there baby?
girl: yeah but i have to go back home now
boy: i know i was just hoping you were still there so that i could
tell you goodnight and that i love you with all my heart and always will.

but to me, you’re all i need to chase the
pain away. you’re like a gorgeous rainbow
that follows the rainy days.

I party like a rockstar
Look like a movie star
Play like an all star
Fuck like a pornstar
Baby I’m a superstar

when people don’t laugh at our jokes
i don’t think of it as a “you had to be there” thing;
just more like a “you have to be mentally
retarded like us” kinda thing.

you know life is worth the struggle when you look
back on what you lost and realize that what you
have now is way better.

Yeah, we all hope for the boy who;
as we’re tugging and pulling on our clothes
will grab our hands and smile & ask
“What are you trying to fix, beautiful?”

Really loving someone
means that their happiness
is the most important thing to you
even if you’re not a part of it.

And when you kissed me that night, I couldn’t help but think…
this is exactly what I have waited for my whole life.

When I look at you I see a lot of things; my bes
t friend, my boyfriend, my secret holder, my tear
stopper, my future.

and this feeling, right here,
is the exact reason, why i never gave up on you
when everyone else said to stop trying.

you kissed me. and every piece went back in place. all the pain got erased.
so take my hand, and hold on tight.

it’s kind of hard for me to explain, but i just have this feeling when i’m with you, and i know we’re supposed to be together.

it’s hard to watch your best friends change right infront of you. but the worst part? remembering who they used to be, and how close you two were.

i love how or personalities match and how we can talk for hours about anything and everything. how we can sit in silence comforably. how we can be ourselves 100%. how we don’t need to be together every second, but also love it when we get the chance.


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