The pain fills me

I lay in my bed saying that life is going to take me over. Passing the world and telling me that the sadness is full. I pass me laying on the floor and crying. My soul is filled with pain. I lose my soul, my world, my life, All is gone for me I see the darkness. I can feel the cold it makes me see why the world, My life, My soul and  my life all gone. I cry. I tell the world to let me be. I cry and try to stay awake. The pain it fills me with sorrow and I can see you lying there. The pain it fills me, sadness, it takes me back, the neck and tells me to end the pain. I can sit there and wait to tell the world all I can do is pass by. I see you there I can tell you this
The pain it fills me with holes and sorrow. My world my life, my soul. I lost you.. I loved you and I lost you. Why to live, Why to stay..I cry myself to sleep I tell you why my world is full of pain, I tell you the life is mine, I just can’t stand alone. My world, my soul, my pain.. gone. I can’t stand alone. I lost you. I loved you. The pain it fills me. The pain consumes me. The pain is with me. I see the end its near. I love you.. The pain it fills me

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